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Why Did We Start This Website?

Hello! We're Michael and Sarah!

About 3 years ago (2016), Sarah and I went completely vegan. However, we didn't know each other at the time!

Sarah has an absolute love for animals and her passion shows when she's participating in activism, sharing her knowledge, and cooking delicious food.

Michael is compassionate, caring, and loves eating Sarah's tasty food.

Our mission is to help you discover what veganism is and how it can change your life (by keeping you alive longer).

You can read more about us in our full vegan conversion story and see how far we've come since going vegan (which might shock you)!

Pictured right: Us at Ching Sanctuary on our birthday, August 28, (2018)! Yes, we both have the same birthday!!

Recent Blog Posts

The Best Vegan Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

Sarah and I were invited to a family dinner a few weeks ago where we were the only two vegans. We didn’t want to show up and be like, “what can we eat??” so we decided to bring a homemade dish: vegan stuffed bell peppers. Sarah, being the amazing women she is, knew she could … continue reading »

Best Vegan Protein Powder on Amazon – Top 15 Brands Ranked!

* Update: After months of trying to find an even better best vegan protein powder, I conclude a great option is Vivo Life and you can get a 10% off discount code from this website! Since becoming vegan, I’ve been on a quest to find the best vegan protein powder on the market. My go-to … continue reading »

Halloween Cookies – Best Vegan Halloween Cookies Recipe (Ghosts)

Halloween 2018 Last year, Sarah and I were “horrible people.” We didn’t put out Halloween cookies, candy, or decorations, and left our lights off the entire night. It’s not that we don’t enjoy celebrating the holiday but it’s that not many children roam the streets in our neighborhood. Seriously, one of the youngest kids on … continue reading »

Dairy Products Are Literally Addicting

Most of us get hooked on food at a very early age. Food traditions are difficult to break, especially when our parents, grandparents, and even great grand parents have had these food-related traditions for generations. As a society, we celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations, church events, and even funerals with FOOD. Food is the center of … continue reading »

The Best Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with Coconut Cream Recipe

When I lived out-of-state from my parents, they knew that when I visited that I’d be looking for some of that delicious chocolate and peanut butter pie when I arrived. Imagine smooth, creamy chocolate and peanut butter combined on an Oreo crust. Then imagine bite after bite going into your mouth. It really doesn’t get … continue reading »

Drink Your Greens Smoothie Recipe

  Salad shouldn't always be eaten with a fork. Try this recipe out and tell me what you think!

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