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various smoothie recipes
My 9 Favorite Smoothie Recipes

Since many people criticize juicing fruits and vegetables (because of the removal of fiber), we decided to add a list of our smoothie recipes for your enjoyment. These are recipes we’ve created ourselves or received from friends. For all of our smoothie recipes, we use (and LOVE) our VitaMix and we blend our smoothies until … continue reading »

vegan pizza recipe
Vegan Pizza Recipe

Finding just the right vegan pizza recipe can be annoying, especially when you’ve made the decision to cut out animal products (dairy, meat, etc) and replace those foods with more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. This recipe is quick and easy and will help you feel satisfied and energetic after eating. Unlike most regular pizzas, … continue reading »

masoor dal recipe
Delicious Vegan Masoor Dal Recipe

  This is a recipe I found online and HAD to try it. While I love eating salads for dinner, it's fun mixing things up a bit. This recipe is now a staple in my diet and love eating it on cold nights!

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