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Thanks for visiting our website! Our main goal with this site is to help spread the word that eating a plant-based diet and living a cruelty-free lifestyle is easier than you think.

Not only will you live a more fulfilling life, you’ll also decrease your chances of dying from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diet-related illnesses!

Looking to kick your expensive, daily medications to the curb? Many people have simply by making small changes to what they’re eating.

Our recipes and kitchen essentials guides will encourage you to make smart, conscious decisions that will help you make the best decisions for you and your family!

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How to Go Plant Based

Back in 2008, Michael started this website after a family member loaned him a book called The China Study. Overnight, he removed all animal products from his diet. But, it wasn't THAT easy... read Michael's full story.

Sarah originally went vegetarian but after reading the gruesome methods used to impregnate cows (so they'd produce milk), she was disgusted and removed animal products from her diet and lifestyle that same day... read Sarah's full story.

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Nama J2 Juicer Review

We've been big into juicing over the last few years and recently discovered the NamaWell juicer brand. Everything about this juicer is literal perfection; from design to functionality, we can't live without this juicer.

If you're looking to get healthier, lose weight, get more energy, feel happier, or simply love drinking fresh juice, this is the juicer you need!

You've seen the reviews and want one? Check out our Nama juicer purchasing guide.

Why We Love Our Nama Juicer:
  1. Makes multitasking a breeze
  2. Less time chopping up fruit/veg (they don't have to be small at all!)
  3. Looks phenomenal on your counter
  4. Large chute that can fit a whole pineapple, carrots, and more! 🤩
  5. You add everything at once! No more standing around, dropping in piece-by-piece!!
  6. Quiet, quiet, quiet!!! You could juice at 5AM without waking anyone, even if they were sleeping in the same room.
  7. Black and white juicer color options
  8. Special offer you won't find anywhere online!

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Everyone has a different reason. Maybe you're tired of taking medications and want your body to heal. Maybe you've read a book or watched a documentary on how animals in slaughterhouses are treated. Maybe you simply want to be happier and healthier. Whatever your reason, we're here to help!

More Energy

Eating more plant based foods has been proven to give people more energy.

More Water

It's easier to stay hydrated due to higher amounts of water found in fruits and vegetables.

More Health

Many people have reversed diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer on a plant-based diet.

green juice
More Happiness

People are happier on plant-based diets! Feeling good is a constant!


There are thousands of reasons why people eat plant based. Find your reason to begin.

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