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FeaturesNama J1 Juicer
Nama J1
Nama J2 Juicer
Nama J2
MakeItVegan DiscountBuy Nama J1Save $39Buy Nama J2Save $55
Cold Press Juicer
Easy to Clean
Easy to Use
Maximum Yield (up to 60% more juice)
Cost Per Juice (savings over time)
Less Waste (dry pulp)
Pure Press Technology (minimizes oxidation)
Strainers IncludedJuice / Smoothie / SorbetJuice / Smoothie
Makes Plant Based Milks
Hands - Free Juicing
Whole Recipe Loading
Safe for Children
Quiet Operation
Payment Plan
Warranty Guarantee10 years15 years
Better for Bulk Juicing
Multi - Tasking / Less Produce Prep
Color OptionsWhite / Black / SilverWhite / Black / Gray
Our DiscountBuy Nama J1Save $39Buy Nama J2Save $55

International J1 Click Here | International J2 Click Here

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Tested and Approved

The Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer is the best juicer overall because it produces the best-quality juice every time and is easier to use and clean than most competitors. Use code JOHNSONS and save 10% on your order! Order Now

Can I Save More Than $55 on a Nama Juicer?

Since we’ve  been working with Namawell (since 2021), they have been known to give out even more exclusive discount codes during Black Friday where customers can find various Nama juicer $80 off codes so if you’re on a budget and would like to save even more than $39/$55/$80 on the J1/J2/C2 juicers, respectively, you might want to wait.

However, we can’t guarantee these codes will exist so if you’re in the market for a juicer today, our code will save you $39 on the Nama J1 Juicer, $55 on the Nama J2 Juicer, $80 on the Nama C2 Juicer Blender, and 10% off all accessories and parts! 

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