Everyone loves finding a working, verified coupon, especially when the product is kind of expensive; people want a deal that saves them a ton of money! The Nama juicer discount code(s) deal listed on our page is up-to-date (for 2024) so you can rest assured knowing you’re going to save money and get the best coupons from us!

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Save 10% on Nama Juicers, Accessories, and Recipe Books!

Coupon Code: JOHNSONS

Nama Juicer 20% Off Coupon

If you’re looking for a nama juicer 20% off coupon, unfortunately that deal ended a while ago BUT Nama does tend to promote higher discounts during Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s so if you’d like to be notified when new Nama discounts are available (we’ve seen 20% off coupon codes, $80 off, and more!) fill out the form below and we’ll make sure you’re the FIRST to know:

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Finding the Best Nama Juicer Discount Code

The hard part about finding just the right promo code is that many competitor codes websites don’t filter which codes work best for your situation. Whether the code is no longer valid, not a verified coupon, or the promo code doesn’t work site wide, sometimes even the best coupon doesn’t work.

With us, that will never happen.

Nama juicer discount code

We are partners with Nama Well and have the most exclusive and best discount codes for both their Vitality 5800 cold press juicer and J2 juicers!

If you’re looking for the best deals on the latest Nama Vitality 5800 cold press juicer, or the Nama J2 juicer, or you’re simply trying to see what store wide deals you can find, this is the post for you!

JOHNSONS 10% off namawell coupon

How to Apply the Nama Coupon Code

Feel free to read our Nama Juicer Purchasing Guide or continue reading…

In order to apply the Nama Well discount, head to NamaWell.com. When you arrive on the home page, you’ll notice there are no coupons listed so you’ll need to make sure to copy the coupon codes from our site before heading to their website.

Once on their home page, with your coupon code copied (from above), you’ll want to find the cold press juicer that’s right for you.

nama j2 juicer

Add either the Vitality 5800 or J2 juicer to your cart (you can add more than one, if needed), and then click to Checkout.

On the Checkout page, you’ll see a discount/coupons text box that looks like this:

JOHNSONS 10% off namawell coupon

Nama Cold Press Juicer Choices

With Nama Well, you get access to 2 phenomenal juicers and we have a deal for both:

  • Vitality 5800
  • J2

The Vitality 5800 cold press juicer has been around for a few years. It’s the juicer we received this past year as a wedding gift. We had been wanting a new Nama for months and finally got it.

nama juicer vitality 5800 coupon

The Nama Well Vitality 5800 Juicer

The Vitality 5800 is a great juicer for people with children, are retired and enjoy spending a few minutes juicing every morning, or for those who like to take life a little slower.

We love our Vitality 5800 and up until a few months ago, it was the best Nama juicer for us. We love everything Nama offers and know that if you apply the promo codes, Nama will give you a great discount!

nama juicer green juice

Will the Nama Juicer Discount Code Apply If I’m Buying 2 Juicers?

You can apply the Nama coupon code JOHNSONS regardless of having multiple different juicers in your shopping cart. The code will save 10% on your entire purchase.

We’ve seen people put two J2 juicers in their cart and the code JOHNSONS saves them 10%, or ~$99.

Certain merchants don’t allow this type of discount code to be applied but NamaWell wants you to enjoy your new juicer at a huge discount. They care about families and feel juice should become part of your every day lifestyle.

Nama Well Juicer Regular Price

Normally, the cost of the Vitality 5800 is $399 and the J2 juicer is $550. With using coupon code JOHNSONS, you’ll save 10% on both juicers, lowering the total price for the Vitality 5800 to $351.10 and the J2 juicer to $495!

If you purchase the Vitality 5800 juicer, you’ll save around $40.

If you buy the J2 Juicer, you’ll save even more money, at $55 in savings.

nama cold press juicer color options

What Does Nama Well Offer?

Besides offering the best juicers, Nama Well offers the best promotional code, offer codes, new coupons (they have great deals), pay over time options, and on eligible orders shoppers save at least $40-$55 if they purchase a new juicer. You won’t save that much if you’re just buying an accessory or replacing a broken part, but you’ll still save 10%. That’s a huge discount!

We prefer Nama Well over those lower popularity brand juicer companies because Nama Well is all about family. They have created a highly-rated, exceptional juicer and they want everyone to try it.

We’re Nama Affiliates

We spoke with Nama Well via Zoom chat a few months ago and they couldn’t be nicer! We have been in close contact with Nama Well since then and they have provided us with working-well codes.

There are fewer shoppers actively searching for Nama Well juicers and that’s because they’re not a huge retail company like Amazon. Nama Well strives to provide the best juicer machine on the planet and we feel they’ve achieved that!

Whether you’re looking for the latest promo code for Nama Well, coupons that can be applied seasonally, or the newest Nama deal, you don’t need to download the Simplycodes browser extension because we’ve got the best discounts for you right here!

What Nama Well Juicers Are Available?

Nama Well has a few variations of their two most popular juicers:

The Nama Well J2 juicer comes in two colors: black & white.

We own the Nama Well black juicer and it looks great on our counter top. Everyone that comes over to our house LOVES the way the juicer looks.

Which Nama Well Juicer Sells Better?

Since we refer A LOT of people to Nama Well, we know which Nama Well juicers people are buying. This last month, we’ve seen slightly more people buying the Nama Well J2 Juicer (Black) over the Nama Well J2 Juicer (White) and only a handful of people buying the Nama Well Vitality 5800 juicer.

If you want the best nama juicer discount code, make sure you’re picking out promo codes for the cold press juicer that fits your lifestyle better:

FeaturesNama J1 Juicer
Nama J1
Nama J2 Juicer
Nama J2
MakeItVegan DiscountBuy Nama J1Save $39Buy Nama J2Save $55
Cold Press Juicer
Easy to Clean
Easy to Use
Maximum Yield (up to 60% more juice)
Cost Per Juice (savings over time)
Less Waste (dry pulp)
Pure Press Technology (minimizes oxidation)
Strainers IncludedJuice / Smoothie / SorbetJuice / Smoothie
Makes Plant Based Milks
Hands - Free Juicing
Whole Recipe Loading
Safe for Children
Quiet Operation
Payment Plan
Warranty Guarantee10 years15 years
Better for Bulk Juicing
Multi - Tasking / Less Produce Prep
Color OptionsWhite / Black / SilverWhite / Black / Gray
Our DiscountBuy Nama J1Save $39Buy Nama J2Save $55

International J1 Click Here | International J2 Click Here

Nama Juicer Reviews

Discover the ultimate juicing experience with Nama Juicers, a name synonymous with excellence. Boasting an impressive 12,000+ total reviews (combined, Nama J1 and Nama J2 juicers), Nama Juicers have captured the hearts of countless juice enthusiasts worldwide.

These exceptional juicers combine cutting-edge technology with sleek design, ensuring every sip is a testament to pure, vibrant flavor. Extracting the essence of fruits and vegetables effortlessly, Nama Juicers are a must-have addition to your kitchen.

Elevate your wellness journey and indulge in the goodness of freshly pressed juices with Nama. Join the ranks of satisfied users and embrace the world of health and taste – it’s time to bring home a Nama Juicer and experience juicing at its finest.

See REAL Nama Juicer Reviews by clicking here.

Promo Codes

For a limited time at the end of 2021, Nama Well had a few Nama Coupons that could be applied for huge discounts. Those savings were ranging from $75-$80 but unfortunately those deals don’t exist anymore.

The only working Nama juicer discount code that’s available to save you lots of money is:

  • JOHNSONS = save 10% (the average customer saves $40-$55)

How to Apply the Promo Codes?

You can apply the code JOHNSONS to any products in your shopping cart.

nama juicer discount code JOHNSONS


Nama Well Competitor Coupons

We don’t have any coupon codes for Nama Well competitors because they are inferior. You don’t want to spend money on cheaper, lower-quality juicers because they won’t work as well for getting the most nutrients from your fruits and vegetables.

wheatgrass shot

Nama Juicer Code

However, if you’re looking to save big on top categories of nama juices, you’ll want to enter the coupon code JOHNSONS into Nama Well’s discount codes section on the Checkout page and the coupons automatically get applied to your order. While Nama Well does not offer free next day shipping for customers, they have dramatically lowered the cost of their products so you’re spending less on the shipping and less on their juicers.

Nama Well Affirm financing

You can pre-quality for affirm financing by making sure you can pay the following:

affirm financing options

Where to Find Nama?

To locate Nama Well online, you’ll want to click here and you’ll be sent to their site/website. Once you’ve copied the coupon code JOHNSONS, you can find the products you want to buy and then apply that coupon code during checkout on their site.

How to Apply Your Nama Well Discount Code

Here’s what you need to do to add the promo code to the Nama Well website:

Step 1: Copy the following Nama Well 10% off coupon code, JOHNSONS.

Step 2: Navigate to namawell.com and add which items you’re looking to purchase in your shopping cart. When finished shopping on their site, click Checkout or View Cart to get to the Nama Well checkout page.

Step 3: On Nama Well’s checkout page, find the text box labeled Promo Code or Discount Code. Once you locate it, paste the promo code JOHNSONS into this box. Your discount for Nama Well will be applied.

Click the following link to visit NamaWell.com.

Nama Juicer Discount Codes

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Nama Juicer Relevant information

Exclusive Coupon!

Save 10% on Nama Juicers, Accessories, and Recipe Books!

Coupon Code: JOHNSONS

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