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Postmates, the food delivery service that hires people like you and me to be their couriers, just released a brand-new Postmates promo code for $100 in Postmates free delivery credit for new customers.

The website link to use in conjunction with the promo code is: this one right here! The promo code is “MJ100“.

This code should be applied during checkout and you’ll save an average of $5 – $12 in delivery fees, per transaction.

Unlike Amazon Fresh’s delivery service, Postmates does a great job at delivering food because they understand how food should be delivered.

In my screenshot below, I show you how the credit is applied. I put 4 gatorades in my cart and clicked the “View Cart” button.

You’ll see that Postmates automatically subtracted the delivery fee by marking it with a “-$5.00“.

postmates promo code discount applied

Postmates Promo Code for Free Delivery

As a new Postmates customer, you’ll be able to apply more promo codes to your account than existing customers.

Using code “MJ100” and then clicking on this specific link, you’ll get $100 in delivery fee credit. This credit will expire seven (7) days after it has been applied so here’s what I recommend doing to avoid losing unused credit…

Steps to Avoid Losing Unused Delivery Credit

> Create one general Postmates account.
> Apply the discount code (“MJ100″) to receive the $100 free delivery credit.
> Share the login information with your family/friends.
> Add separate credit cards and delivery addresses.
> Use the one account for multiple people.

Doing it this way will allow you to use up all that free delivery credit!

Each time you run out of delivery credit on that general account, create a new account and apply this same promo code to get another $100 in free delivery credit.

*Repeat this process each time you run out of free deliveries.

Postmates Promo Code for Returning Customers

There really aren’t any existing customer discount codes for Postmates; at least none that I’ve found.

However, creating new Postmates accounts is easy and you can apply discounts for new customers to these new accounts. See the above section titled, “Avoid Losing Unused Delivery Credit” for more info.

Why Use Postmates?

I’ve been using Postmates for years.

I love the idea of sitting at home in your comfy clothes, watching TV, and having food delivered to you. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures.

It makes me feel like I’m staying in a hotel and getting room service.

I’ll even admit that I’ve used this delivery service multiple times in one day… yeah, I did, and you know what? It was awesome.

The Postmates App

I love using their app because it’s easy to figure out, their customer service is quick and simple to communicate with, and any time I’ve had an issue with an order, they either reply to my complaint with free delivery credit or they give me a refund on the item.

Sometimes both.

Not only do they help with food delivery from your favorite popular and local restaurants (in under and hour), they also provide grocery and alcohol delivery too.

Popular States/Cities With Postmates Availability for Deliveries:

1) Atlanta
2) Charlotte
3) Chicago
4) Denver
5) East Bay
6) Las Vegas
7) Long Beach
8) Los Angeles
9) Miami
10) Nashville
11) New York City
12) Oklahoma City
13) Orange County
14) Phoenix
15) Portland
16) Sacramento
17) San Diego
18) San Francisco
19) Seattle
20) Washington DC

But this isn’t the entire list.

I was shocked when I downloaded and logged into the app to see all of the updated delivery locations. Like TONS more than what the above list suggests!

Don’t Sign Up for Their Unlimited Delivery Service

If you checked out their site recently, you may have noticed their headline, “Get Unlimited Free Delivery” which is just another way for them to make money off of you.

But please don’t sign up for this service. There’s a much better way to get free deliveries without paying extra (like the above-mentioned “Avoid Losing Unused Delivery Credit“).

Simply create a new account, apply the coupon code “MJ100“, and checkout like normal. This way, you’ll save money because you didn’t sign up for their “unlimited free delivery” service (which I think is about $30/mo) and you’ll get another $100 in free delivery credit!

Final Thoughts

Postmates is a great app to use to order food and groceries. They excel in all the areas other comparable apps don’t.

The code I’ve provided throughout this post is the best one available.

If you’re going to order food anyway, you might as well click this link and apply the Postmates promo code “MJ100” to get $100 in free delivery credit.

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