When you’re vegan, it can be hard to find restaurants that serve high quality and delicious vegan food. About a year ago, I was introduced to The Veggie Grill, a 100% vegan restaurant. The food is delicious, they serve you quickly, and best of all it’s really affordable. They don’t have a “ton” of menu items but their limited menu is overlooked based on taste of food and quality of ingredients. Below is a picture of their Santa Fe Crispy Chickin Sandwich, Mac ‘n Cheese, and the soup-of-the-day which happened to be tomato basil.

the veggie grill santa fe crispy chickin sandwich

macaroni and cheese the veggie grill

the veggie grill tomato basil soup

They do have gluten free options as well. If you come here and are wondering what types of desserts they offer, I must say that their chocolate pudding parfait is one of the best desserts I have ever tasted. I would eat this over any other chocolate dessert from any other location. The next time I go, I will make sure to take a picture.

The Veggie Grill is growing fast with many new locations opening every month. Here’s a list of the veggie grill locations. Take a look at their menu below:

the veggie grill menu

If you’re new to being vegan or simply want a new and delicious place to eat out, I personally recommend this place. If you’ve eaten there in the past and want to share your experience, please let us know in the comments below!

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