In our quest to promote good health, we have come across many articles and videos that talk about why juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is good for the body and we’re going to explain some of the awesome benefits to you.

Absorption – Since juicing extracts the nutrient-dense juice from the fiber of the fruits and vegetables, you know you’re getting 95% of the food value. You are also getting these nutrients with barely any work from your body at all. Since these vitamins and minerals are so tiny, they absorb instantly into your blood stream. No digestion necessary.

Nutrients – When you juice, you’re getting 95% of the food value. Jay Kordich, known as The Father of Juicing, cured bladder cancer just from drinking fresh carrot and apple juice every day for a few months. Jay is now 92 years old and doing great. He looks (and acts) like he’s only in his 60’s.

Easy – How long does making breakfast, lunch, and dinner take you? If we told you that you could cut your meal/snack making time in half or more, would you believe us? We hope so! Juicing is so easy a caveman could do it (if they had juicers back then). And cavemen probably did eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Read more about this here.

the-china-study Delicious – Like drinking soda because it’s sweet but know that you’re just drinking empty calories? What if we told you that you could drink as much fresh fruit and vegetable juice as you wanted and you would have a hard time gaining weight? Would you consider drinking more fresh juices? We hope so.

These are just a few reasons why drinking fresh fruit and vegetables juices is good for you. Here’s a list of our “tried and tested” juice recipes we know you’ll love.

If you’re interested in learning more about why we made the switch to eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet, we highly recommend purchasing The China Study.

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