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Looking for the best skin care routine because you’ve exhausted all other options? Curology might be the solution.


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Back in 2020, I (Michael) contracted Rosacea from an apartment in New York. This was during the time Sarah and I were trying to get pregnant via IVF. My forehead was extremely red, itchy, and made me feel very uncomfortable any time we were out in public.

During every work Zoom meeting I felt extremely uneasy because my face was covered in red, splotchy skin and I imagined others were disgusted by me.

At least, that’s how I felt.

Over the course of 3 years, I went to many different dermatologists who each biopsied a piece of the infected area and prescribed different formulas to treat the problem.

Nothing worked.

What Has Michael Tried?

Spent $367 on Biopsies

Doctor after doctor with no results.

Spent $843 on Failed Prescriptions

Prescriptions are a billion dollar industry.

Spent $472 Traveling to Doctors

The best doctors never live near me.

After giving up on the “doctor recommended formulas”, the TikTok algorithm must have known I was in need for a skin care routine.

In my feed, one person recommended Azelaic Acid to remove the redness.

I searched online for the highest-rated Azelaic acid cream and found one for $18. After 3 weeks of trying it, without results, I gave up; thankfully, I was able to get a full refund!

I gave up again thinking that if the Azelaic acid cream didn’t do anything, I was doomed to this redness forever.

Months passed and my skin wasn’t healing on its own but I continued on and just tried to “live with it.”

And then one day, out of the blue, Sarah saw a company on Instagram called Curology and said many people had success with it. I was willing to try anything at this point.

Curology Before and After

After only two short weeks of using Curology, I’ve seen great results! And even though my redness isn’t fully gone, there’s a dramatic difference (as you can see in my Curology before and after images below)!

The great thing about Curology is that they offer a free one-month trial where you get the exact same formula you’ll get if you decide to subscribe, but in a smaller dose to try for 1 month; all you pay is shipping.

My first month’s trial cost $6.38. That’s it.

For the first time in YEARS, I finally feel better Zoom meetings and don’t really question if people are looking at my forehead anymore. 

To maintain, all I need to do is spend 3 minutes every morning/night washing my face with their Gentle Face Soap and then either applying the custom formula and moisturizer or just the moisturizer/lotion. It’s a really simply process and knowing that as long as I continue following this simple plan, I’ll keep my skin looking better!

See Michael’s complete Curology before and after story.

Before Curology
After 2 Weeks of Curology

Since Curology has been working well for me, I figured others might have good luck with it too. They’re currently offering a promotional deal that allows you (and me) to get $20 towards future shipments of any non-prescription items (at NO extra cost to you).

And for the record, whether you use this link or not, I’m going to continue paying for Curology myself so you might as well get the free $20!

Try Curology Free

Get $20 Towards Future Shipments

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If you’re ready to try a solution that has worked for thousands of other people just like you, myself included, click the button below and get $20 towards future shipments after you finish signing up!