“When live gives you lemons…juice ’em!” Over the past few years of being vegan, I have tried a few different juicers and I have found the Breville Juice Fountain Plus the best juicer for my needs. It allows me to juice very quickly. With the large spout on top, you can even fit whole apples through without cutting them.

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breville juice fountain plus

I first heard about juicing from a few guys/girls from YouTube namely Dan McDonald and also from watching the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. In this documentary, Joe Cross (@JoetheJuicer) travels across the United States drinking nothing but fresh juice from fruits and vegetables for 60 days. You can actually watch his documentary for free on Hulu. I highly recommend it. He was able to lose over 60 lbs in 60 days and completely transform the way he looks at health. Joe uses the exact same juicer shown above.

When you first start juicing fruits and vegetables, I have found that adding more fruits in (like fuji apples) really helps the juice taste great and helps you get more interested in juicing. If the juice initially tasted really nasty, I doubt many people would continue.

Here are a few tips from Breville about their juicer:

This juicer for some people might be a challenge to clean but a simple sponge with some added soap does the job just fine. If you have found that your juicer has fruit or vegetable stains, these can easily be removed as well. Simply take some baking soda and alcohol (the same found in hand sanitizer) and scrub that mixture on your juicer parts. Then rinse the parts with hot water.

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