Finding a coffee that does more than just zap your body with caffeine can be challenging. It feels like we get blinded by the “Pumpkin Flavor” label and forget all about the consequences. However, with Four Sigmatic coffee, you get the enjoyment of drinking regular coffee without getting those nasty side effects, like headaches and cravings.

That’s because Four Sigmatic coffee is made from mushrooms, not coffee beans.

coffee beans

Each bag of Four Sigmatic comes with its own unique blend of flavors and benefits. You can think of each bag of ground coffee as a special mushroom elixir created to promote good health and longevity. And the taste is divine!

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Varieties

The Four Sigmatic brand has created five types of adaptogen coffee, including:

My husband and I have tried both the Calm and Think varieties and find the flavor (and effects) more promising than generic ground coffee. We love knowing that our energy is coming from a mushroom (varieties like Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane) and not a questionable source.

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Four Sigmatic does an amazing job of educating their customers on all of the ingredients in their products.

Better Than Cheap Instant Coffee

Sometimes you can feel like you are making the right choice by going the simple route and pouring some hot water over your one packet of instant coffee.. but what if you knew that one small change, on one small drink could improve your overall health and happiness? And it tastes good. And you still only need hot water.

morning coffee

Side Note: You can still add that Vanilla or Pumpkin flavor to it! Using a more natural additive is not only healthier, but the taste is more organic as well!

Here are the varieties of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, and the benefits that come with each one.

Calm: Decaf Coffee with Reishi & Chaga Mushrooms.

Four Sigmatic – Calm is a soothing caffeine free coffee, perfect for French Press or drip. It is packed with the earthy taste of Reishi and Chaga mushrooms, its two delightful main ingredients.

coffee press

We have all seen the tempting advertisements that promise “Delicious coffee, without the energy crash!”, but when we actually use the product, we somehow always end up with some type of muddy hot water with zero actual taste. Not with Calm!

Only half the caffeine

This ground coffee is the perfect way to start a morning or finish a long day, without the negative affects of caffeine.

Just add some coconut milk (I personally love the vanilla kind! Creamy and vegan! That’s the good stuff!) and you are all set, with a calming warm beverage that not only tastes good, it has amazing health benefits as well.

coffee tasting

You can purchase Calm (or any of the other varieties) by using the links provided in this article!

Think: Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane (Lions Mane)

Think is a balanced dark roast, packed with Lion’s Mane and Chaga.

I know what you are thinking. Why would they cut a poor lion’s mane and put it in my coffee? No? You weren’t thinking that? Maybe you are thinking more along the lines of, “What does Lion’s Mane even do?” If you were, I have the answer for you! (And for clarification purposes, Lion’s Mane does not actually include a Lion’s mane. It’s a fungus!)

four sigmatic mushroom coffee

So, Lion’s Mane (also sometimes written as lions mane, without the apostrophe) is known for the affects it can have on your overall quality of life. Research has found that it may actually protect against dementia, reduce some symptoms of anxiety and depression and in some cases it even helped to repair nerve damage.

Lion’s Mane also has strong anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting abilities. Can a regular cup of coffee or your break-room instant coffee do all that?

I swear this post isn’t sponsored by the secret mushroom academy or anything, I just really believe in the product and all of its powerful properties! And hey, if swapping out your morning beverage can decrease your chances of getting something as tragic as dementia by even the smallest percent, that is still a huge difference! And the taste is just as satisfying!

So pop some of this delicious Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane dark roast into your coffee maker and brew yourself some amazing drinks.

coffee and work

Pro Tip: You can even make some cold brew with your mushroom coffee by putting this over ice! Add some cinnamon, some sugar and a splash of coconut milk and you are ready for the morning!

Balance: Coffee with Ashwagandha & Eleuthero Adaptogens

It is no secret that the world is experiencing a lot of stress these days. And while regular coffee might feel like it is helping you through the day, it is most likely not packed with the same benefits as Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee.

Truth be told, I used to be a multiple cups of coffee a day type of person. I noticed that right in the middle of my workday though, I would start feeling the negative effects of the coffee crash. My productivity and energy would plummet, and instead of wanting to work, I wanted to rest. Not ideal!

This would lead me to a second cup, a third cup, then more and more cups of coffee. It didn’t matter if it was flavored coffee, instant coffee or old coffee.. I would drink it. It seemed with regular brew, one cup was never enough. And as crazy as it sounds, it felt like coffee was consuming my entire day.

morning coffee and sunrise

I had to wonder if this much caffeine was only adding to the stress, and also becoming a very unhealthy habit.. I then discovered mushroom coffee (namely, Balance) and I never turned back.

With only half the caffeine, you wouldn’t think it would be a powerhouse, but it kept me full of energy and helped me focus all day. Want to know the kicker? I only ever need one cup.

Don’t be nervous when you hear ingredients like Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, Tulsi, and Chaga. These herbs provide incredible health benefits and work wonders on your immune system.

Give Balance a try to see how you can avoid coffee’s dreaded dark cycle!

Balance: Coffee with L-Theanine & Cordyceps Mushrooms

Four Sigmatic – Balance is for the folks that need just a little bit more. A smooth pairing of premium organic coffee and three amplifying ingredients, this delicious brew of mushroom coffee will fuel your body and mind through the craziest of days.

coffee and reading

Sometimes it can feel like the world is on our shoulders. The company you work for just keeps adding more to that daunting list, your kids need to go to band practice, you need to go grocery shopping and somehow still have the energy and “free” time to cook food for your entire family and that one surprise friend that always seems to visit when you didn’t plan for any company.

If this sounds like you, Balance is your drink! Packed with coffee bean extract, L-Theanine, and Cordyceps mushrooms, the benefits are clear. Cordyceps have widely been known to boost athletic performance.

Did you know that in 1993, Chinese track and field athletes shattered multiple world records, and they claimed it was solely due to these mushrooms?

In fact, many athletes thrive on the benefits of fungi, such as chaga and cordyceps, not only for their performance, but for their immune system as well.

Mushrooms aren’t just for steaming anymore! These powerhouses are amazing functional mushrooms with natural health benefits.

Happy Gut: Organic Coffee with Vitamin D & Chaga Mushrooms

A medium roast with moderate caffeine, Four Sigmatic – Immune Support is a personal favorite of mine. This organic mushroom coffee is packed with Vitamin D, Zinc, Turkey Tail and Chaga mushrooms, all immune-supporting ingredients.

If you are a fan of smooth drinks that do way more than just quench your thirst, look no further! I love drinking this one cold in the morning, with a splash of sugar free almond milk. I know it might seem strange to see the words “Turkey Tail” on your coffee, but know that it is only because of the striking colors the mushroom naturally has!

coffee with friends

This organic variety of Four Sigmatic is especially interesting because of its benefits due to the Turkey Tail. Did you know that Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals in your cells? And this stress can lead to diseases such as dementia, heart disease and even cancer?

Luckily we are blessed with so many natural sources of antioxidants (compounds that help inhibit or reduce damage caused by oxidative stress). Eating food that is rich in antioxidants is one way to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

Another way is with the lovely mushroom, Turkey Tail. This particular mushroom contains a beautiful array of antioxidants, including phenols and flavonoids.

So to recap, it’s organic, it can reduce your chances of cancer, it’s packed with a vitamin most people are deficient in, and the taste is pretty darn good too! I guess the only question left is, why wouldn’t you drink this?

Protect: Ground Mushroom Coffee with Probiotics

Where are my tummy-problem folks at? Four Sigmatic – Defend is going to be your best friend. This medium roast has gut and immune supporting Chaga and Turkey Tail mushrooms, and is easy to stomach. If you are anything like me, the morning can be particularly difficult when you have a sensitive stomach.

Even being vegan, I have found that the simplest things can set off my gut for the entire day. I would have to make sure I had a free 20 minutes after every cup of coffee, because well… if you know, you know. It made life very difficult, and it was hard to focus when all I was worried about was “I only took one sip, is it still going to give me a problem?”. I would wait for the inevitable grumble and get ready to run. Maybe all of that was too much information, but we are all friends here right?

Well, the good news is, with the Defend blend, that doesn’t happen. In fact, with any of the Four Sigmatic coffees it doesn’t happen, but let’s keep the focus here. Defend is packed with prebiotics and 1 billion CFU shelf-stable, heat resistant probiotics. All wrapped up in a tiny cup of mushroom goodness.

Knowing that my gut not only tolerates it, but loves it, is a total life changer. I no longer have to wait for the grumble and I can free up my post-drinking time! I can’t believe throughout all my years on this planet, I never considered thinking outside of the box when it came to what I was drinking. Who would have thought that drinking a mushroom would solve so many frustrations in my life?

If you are a tummy grumbler, I highly recommend you mix it up and give Four Sigmatic coffees a try. Especially when they are packed with so many other incredible and organic ingredients.

Why Would I Switch Coffee?

Let me begin by giving you a free piece of advice.. Well not from me, but I will gladly be the middle-man.

New York Times bestselling author, Mark Hyman once said, “The food industry profits from providing poor quality foods with poor nutritional value that people eat a lot of.” This goes for your drinks as well.

four sigmatic mushroom coffee creamer

With generic coffee, it’s possible you may get unwanted side effects, like cancer… um, what??

Did you know that roasted coffee beans consist of tiny amounts of a compound called acrylamide? When consumed in larger doses, acrylamide is dangerous and may cause cancer. After acrylamide enters our bodies, it turns into glycidamide which causes damage to our DNA.

They have also found it to cause reproductive harm, such as birth defects, when consumed during pregnancy. It has also caused other reproductive harm to the male reproductive system.

It makes you wonder why something that can do such terrifying things is even allowed to be in your morning beverage. And why is this information not on the bag/box? Just further proof that Mark Hyman was right with what he said.

Four Sigmatic coffee is different: it doesn’t contain any coffee beans, hence, no acrylamide and no DNA damage. And you do not have to sacrifice flavor. Four Sigmatic tastes better than “regular” coffee.

And crazily enough, some “regular” coffees are made from feces!

Is Kopi Luwak Coffee Made From Poop?

That’s a pretty gross concept but Kopi Luwak (coffee) is actually made from the contents of a certain mammal’s feces. Yum, huh?

The animal is called a Civet and after it eats and defecates coffee cherries (the plant where coffee beans come from), people dig through it to collect the needed coffee beans.

I don’t care how big the word “organic” is on that packaging or what you mix that coffee with, it’s going to be a hard no for me.

Speaking of no.. No, Four Sigmatic does not contain nor get processed through feces.

African civet

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