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Hey there, dessert enthusiasts and health-conscious heroes! If you’re on a quest to conquer that scale while satisfying your sweet tooth, sorbet is the answer you’ve been seeking – and boy, is it delightful!

The Nama J2 sorbet attachment is finally here and it’s better than ever! If you don’t have the Nama J2 Juicer yet, check it out here. Plus, get an instant 10% off both the Nama J2 and Sorbet Attachment using coupon code “JOHNSONS” at checkout!

nama j2 juicer sorbet attachment discount

Picture this: a luscious, velvety treat that embraces your taste buds without packing on those pesky pounds. Enter sorbet – the cool, refreshing hero of the dessert world! While ice cream may tempt you with its creamy charms, sorbet swoops in like a sassy savior, ready to help you shed those unwanted inches.

So what sets sorbet apart, you ask? It’s simple! Sorbet is made from the purest fruit essence, free from any sneaky additives or heavy cream. Say goodbye to those guilt-ridden cravings and hello to a heavenly, waistline-friendly oasis.

While ice cream may slyly sabotage your fitness goals, sorbet cheerfully supports your journey with fewer calories and fat – it’s the ultimate wingman (or wingwoman) for your weight-loss adventures!

Let’s be real here, folks. When you choose sorbet, you’re not settling for less; you’re gaining so much more. Revel in the fruity flavors, the guilt-free delights, and the cool, refreshing hugs from sorbet’s icy embrace.

So, if you’re looking to dance with deliciousness without the extra baggage, join the sorbet sensation and start your own #SorbetSlimdown journey today! Subscribe, hit that like button, and share the sorbet love with your friends. Together, we’ll savor the sweet taste of success! 🍨💪

Nama J2 Sorbet Attachment Highlights

🌟 Frozen Treats Galore: Elevate your juicer game and dive into a world of refreshing, nutrient-packed goodness with the Sorbet Attachment. Get ready for sorbet like never before – sweet, satisfying, and oh-so-delicious!

🌟 Freez-easy Operation: No need to be a sorbet sorcerer! Simply assemble your juicer as usual, but this time, swap in the Sorbet Attachment instead of the juice strainer. Voilà! You’re now a sorbet maestro!

🌟 No Holes, No Hassle: The Sorbet Attachment has got its groove – and no holes! It’s practically begging you to tell it apart from the juice strainer. No mixed signals here, just pure sorbet-making joy!

🌟 Cold Thaw Magic: Before the juicer dance begins, let your fruits thaw for a quick five minutes. Trust us, this step will keep your sorbet smooth and jam-free – just the way you like it!

🌟 One-by-One Wonder: Unlike a traffic jam, we prefer a sorbet jam! Feed those ingredients individually through the top hole while your juicer gets its groove on. No jams, no worries!

🌟 Ice, Ice, Maybe Not: We love ice, but our juicer doesn’t! Avoid those icy jams by skipping the frozen road and giving your juicer some smooth, thawed love.

🌟 The Reversal Remedy: Oops, got a jam? No problemo! Turn on the reverse setting, and your juicer will magically unravel itself like a sorbet fairytale!

🌟 Yogurt-y Goodness: Frozen yogurt fans, this one’s for you! Freeze your favorite yogurt in individual cups or silicone ice cube trays, then cut, fit, and watch the magic happen!

🌟 Pulp Collector Charm: Your sorbet exit strategy – right into the pulp collector! Wave goodbye to confusion and say hello to your delectable creation.

🌟 Sorbet Science: A little liquid in the chamber? No need to call the sorbet police; it’s just the way things work! So keep calm and sorbet on!

🌟 The Chilly Blend: The final touch of perfection! Mix your sorbet ingredients like a pro in a stainless steel bowl – keeping it cool, classy, and ready for the ultimate indulgence.

🌟 Scoop & Savor: Grab that ice cream scoop or spoon, and dive into your homemade masterpiece! For the ultimate satisfaction, serve and savor your sorbet immediately – pure bliss!

🍧 With the Nama J2 Sorbet Attachment, your juicer transforms into a frozen dessert wizard! Stay cool, have fun, and enjoy the juiciest sorbet creations you’ll ever make – all in one enchanting attachment! 🌈💫

Our Favorite Sorbet Recipe

nama j2 sorbet recipe

Wanna whip up some super yummy treats with your awesome Nama sorbet strainer? It’s like magic! Just swap out your juicing thingy for the sorbet thingy, and boom – frozen delights are coming your way! You’ll be the sorbet superstar in no time!


  • 1 cup of frozen mango 🥭 chunks
  • 1 cup of frozen pineapple 🍍 chunks
  • 1 cup of frozen peach 🍑 slices
  • 1 cup of frozen watermelon 🍉 cubes
  • 2 frozen bananas 🍌, chopped to fit the chute


  1. First, switch your J2 juice strainer with the new Nama J2 Sorbet Attachment – it’s like changing clothes for your juicer! Then put everything back together. ⁣
  2. Close the lid, and turn on the juicer. Now comes the fun part! Pop your frozen fruit through the top hole one by one – don’t rush, take it easy! Just remember, the sorbet will end up in the pulp collector, not the juice pitcher.⁣
  3. When all your fruity friends have joined the party, mix them up with a wooden spoon – give them a good swirl!⁣
  4. Yum time! Serve your freshly made sorbet right away – no waiting allowed!⁣

Psst, if you’re using the Vitality 5800 | J1, follow the exact same steps but use the chute instead. You’ll be a sorbet master in no time!

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