So what makes cantaloupe juice so special? Well, first off, you’ll notice that the cantaloupe juice will come out green because of the green skin. The green skin is where the bulk of the nutrients are! So every time you juice cantaloupes, make sure you wash the outer shell of the melon to remove all pesticides, cut it up into fairly small pieces/strips, and put the entire thing through the juicer.

cantaloupe slices

Now, if you chose to juice this without any skin, it would just come out orange and would only contain the sweet part of the fruit. Juicing the entire fruit gives you 100% of the food value. The green skin contains chlorophyll (which cleanses your system). Chlorophyll is also found in foods like kelp, spinach, kale, and other green foods.

cantaloupe juice

The reason we juice the entire melon is so that we can absorb the nutrients we wouldn’t be able to break down with our teeth. Juicing helps to extract the minerals and vitamins in a form that our body can easily digest.

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