As you’ve scrolled through Instagram or Facebook, we’re sure you’ve seen ads for the infamous Nama Juicer and have wondered, “what are the Nama Juicer Reviews like and should I buy a juicer?”

With a juicer that’s getting so much love, we wanted to share a few of the 5-star Nama juicer reviews we’ve seen online. 

These reviews were taken directly from so don’t think we created them solely for the purpose of this post 😂

With each review, we’ll cover some extra items you should know about the Nama juicer and hopefully these reviews will help you determine if a Nama juicer is right for you! 

"Zero food waste!"

Debbie doesn’t like wasting food and bought a Nama juicer for that exact reason.

The J2 does a phenomenal job at removing every ounce of juice from all types of fruits and vegetables.

Nothing goes to waste! Debbie is able to use the pulp in recipes, the juice for right now, and everything has its place.

"So happy I invested in a Nama"

Christine has been juicing daily for 6 months! Her previously juicer was a bit time-consuming, especially after juicing 2 stalks of celery every morning. 

In order to make life a little easier, Christine invested in a Nama J2 Juicer and it’s “exactly the juicer I hoped it would be.” 

According to her, the juicer has never clogged and has been super easy to clean.

She “can’t find a single flaw” in the Nama juicer and it’s no wonder, there aren’t any.

"No more excuses, time to make juices!"

This is my review on the NamaWell J2 juicer. After receiving the previous Nama juicer model, the Vitality 5800, as a wedding gift, we partnered with Nama and got the J2 juicer.

Both juicers live on our counter and we are LOVING how easy they are to use. Oh, and did we mention how quiet Nama juicers are?!

If you’re looking for the absolute best cold press juicer that uses Pure Press technology, check out the Nama J2 and Nama Vitality 5800 juicers today!

"Thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail!"

Tracee spent her day writing a glowing review for the Nama J2 cold press juicer. She didn’t have to… she wanted to.

Some of the features Tracee loves are: 

  • Quality materials (parts are made to last)
  • Juicer produces vibrant juice
  • Juice smells fresher than juice made from high-speed juicer
  • Produces nearly twice as much juice
  • Smoothie screen makes homemade tomato sauce and, well, smoothies
  • Ability to make nut milks
  • Takes less time to juice!

We agree with Tracee and really do love our Nama juicer. If you haven’t picked one up yet, check out the button below to get started!

"You buy into a supportive community"

Jennifer loves the support received from the loving Nama community. Everyone has been really helpful and that’s because we all love Nama and love what they stand for as a company.

She mentions that the Nama is “unlike any juicer you’ve used before. The J2 is truly the answer to the barriers of juicing. It’s revolutionizing the way we juice!”

“It’s a game changer!”

"Juicing Game Changer"

For Garrett, he has tried nearly every juicer on the market and the Nama juicer surpassed all of them!

He mentions the “auto feeding” is quote “NEXT LEVEL.” Which it is. We love this feature! 

Juicing with the Nama cuts out 1/2 the time needed because you can load all your fruits/vegetables in at once; no need to stand idly by and put every single item into the chute.

According to Garrett, it “takes whatever I throw at it and juices while I get other prep/cleanup done.” 

As you can see, the Nama Juicer is the best juicer for the price and nothing compares!

If you want to check out either juicer, the Nama J2 or the Nama Vitality 5800, click on the images and buttons below! Every single person we’ve referred to Nama has RAVED about how wonderful this juicer is and how much time it saves.

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