When people discontinue their consumption of animal products such as beef, chicken, fish, milk, and eggs, many people often question where they get their protein. Since protein does not only come from animal products, we’re going to discuss what protein is and what other sources include.

Protein is made up from about 23 or so amino acids.  These molecular building blocks are key for muscle growth and nutrient absorption.   Eating the right amino acids at the right time can affect energy, recovery after workouts, strength gains, weight loss,  and other brain functionality and mood.  But many people assume that protein can only be found in animal products. We’re here to tell you…that’s a common misconception.

Quick question, which has more protein (per 100 calories): A hamburger patty or spinach?

A 100 calorie beef patty has 10 grams of protein. 100 calories worth of spinach = 12 grams.

Read more about beef vs spinach here.

Whole and plant-based foods contain protein as well. But if plants contain protein, why aren’t more people eating them consistently? The U.S. Government has invested a TON of money into how foods are presented to Americans and wants you to believe that packaged food is better for you because of how much protein, fiber, fat, and carbohydrates their food does or doesn’t have in it. Just because they inject their animals with harmful and unnatural chemicals so they’ll grow faster and larger in a shorter amount of time, does not mean that their food is better quality. Watch this video below to hopefully get a “wake up call” about where your KFC and McDonald’s food comes from:

After watching the video above, does anyone (with a heart) want to eat chicken? This is not only the case with KFC but with most other fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s. Since the government has their greedy little fingers in all aspects of food production, why on Earth would they try to get people to stop eating their fast food?

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