If you’re new to Veganism, this is the website for you. We’re not going to try to force you to change your opinion about what to eat but we are going to encourage you to change your diet lifestyle.

If you live in the United States, odds are you’re slightly overweight. More than 40% of Americans are overweight.  Even children under the age of 6 are beginning to become more overweight than ever. This is caused by overeating and lack of exercise; and by overeating, we’re talking about “junk food.”  Foods like cake, candy, sodas (including diet), pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, etc. aren’t the cause of why we’re overweight but are more the “link” or catalyst to why more than 300,000 Americans die from heart disease every year.  Generally, people don’t mind being a little overweight mainly because they believe it is too hard to lose those extra pounds and/or because society accepts it.  But losing weight is very easy; you just need to know what to eat and how much to eat.

If you’ve ever eaten a McDonald’s hamburger late at night, chances are you’ve had a hard time getting a good night sleep. This is because processed foods are loaded with salt which dehydrates your body (sucking your body dry of water). Processed foods are also stripped of nutrients meaning you’re not getting the proper amount of nutrients your body requires to be healthy. Also, when you eat processed foods, your body considers it a “foreign” object and treats it as such. Eating these types of food force your body to work a lot harder to break it down which results in a slower metabolism. People with slow metabolisms tend to be more overweight than those with faster metabolisms.

But fast food is easy and cheaper. Wrong. It is neither.

Fast food appears to be easy and cheaper but this is a huge misconception. Here’s a simple and hopefully easy-to-understand example:

Eating out at any fast food restaurant will charge you roughly $6 per meal. Many people eat out at least once a day (usually lunch break) which equals about $180 per month just for lunch. That leaves them with only $220 for all other meals of the day. If that 1 person eats out twice a day, that equals $360 a month just for eating out twice a day for 1 month. That leaves $40 for all other meals.

Two people who eat as many fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, and whole grains as they want (all day long, 7 days a week) will spend approximately $400 a month on ALL of their food (from Sams Club or Costco). This means breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack = $400 a month.

So you decide which is the better financial option. And this is only one of the reasons you should choose to eat Vegan. There are tons of other health benefits such as losing weight, lowering the risk of cancer, speeding up your metabolism, clearing up acne, and many others.

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In its simplest form, it’s just a mashed avocado with a little salt.

guacamole simplest form

Peel, mash, consume.

Those 3 simple steps have saved my life when it comes to dinner ideas. Yes, I said it. Dinner ideas.

The casseroles, meatless plates, and mashed potatoes have hogged the spotlight for way too long and it’s time we switched things up a bit.

Guacamole isn’t just that sad, brown chunky avocado bowl that’s been sitting on the counter for hours.

It deserves to be recognized as a full-fledged, dinner option. It’s fast, easy, and delicious; 3 things that make a perfect meal, right?

interesting man world fast dinner

I depend on meals like guac. It gives me more time to do the things I love: hiking, writing code, and creating new vegan recipes for YouTube.

So with a new hope that guacamole will find its way to your dinner plate as a main course, I’d like to share with you my recent experience with GOODFOODS Tableside Chunky Guacamole.

— — —

A few nights ago after a long day at work…

— — —

Me: I picked up some guacamole from Sprouts.

Friend: It’s vegan right? Did you check the ingredients?

Me: Yes, it’s vegan. I checked the ingredients. It’s a new guacamole we haven’t tried yet.

Friend: O…k… (checks the ingredients to make sure it’s vegan)… it is.

Me: So you wanna try it? (I open the tightly sealed container and take a bite). YUM! Wow, this is really good. Tastes fresh too.

Friend: (overhears me, walks over and grabs my container and starts munching… chomp, crunch, gulp).

And that’s the day the guacamole died. True story.

I’m just glad I bought 2 containers!

goodfoods tableside chunky guacamoleI know, I know. I’m a great story teller. You can thank me in the comments below. #fullofmyself #undesirablequality

But the meaning of this post isn’t just to share a story or even to sell you on a new guacamole.

The meaning is to share with you that good, wholesome foods, DO exist.

Actually, the meaning of this entire website is to share great information on foods that:

  • Keep you healthy
  • Supply you with essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Are all-natural
  • Come from businesses trying to promote healthier food options

The list really does go on…

What Makes GOODFOODS So Special?

(Should I be writing their name in all caps?)

GOODFOODS strives on providing high-quality foods with fresh, healthy ingredients. They cold-pressurize their products to maximize freshness (and it’s clear they actually do that – their guac tasted like it was made 10 minutes before I bought it – SOOOO fresh!).

“All of our foods are as they should be, natural. No chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or additives. EVER.”

Tableside Chunky Guacamole

– Hass avocados
– Tomatoes
– Red onions
– Onions
– Jalapeno peppers
– Cilantro
– Lime juice
– Sea salt
– Garlic

Here are a few thoughts/expressions that initially came to mind after taking my first bite…

extremely happy eating

– Not organic

– Fresh ingredients
– Crisp vegetables
– Perfect flavor
– 10/10

One, 7oz. container packs so many amazing flavors that I wish I had purchased the Costco sized version – I think it’s 30oz! This guac will be a great addition to anyone’s table this holiday season because it’s good for you. It’s healthy. It’s fresh.

So with that said, I wish you happy, holiday season, munching on some of the world’s best foods, including our recipe of chocolate pecan pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, and last but certainly not least, deliciously-fresh guacamole.

To see other guac flavors and food options from GOODFOODS, click here or find a store that sells it here.

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