Durian Fruit: The Good, the Bad, the Taste?

For the past year I have been wanting to try the Durian. It peaked my interest after watching people at the Woodstock Fruit Festival eat 3 durians a piece! After most of them described it as “butterscotch-like, vanilla cream” I knew I HAD to try it.

I searched online and found an asian store (99 Ranch in Van Nuys) not too far from my house and set out last week to find one.

When I got to the store, they had a bunch of frozen durians.

They also had a bunch of “fresh” jackfruit covered in mold and flies. I was originally going to try both the durian AND jackfruit, but the flies and mold turned me off.

Now, I’ve watched enough YouTube videos to know that frozen durian is not as flavorful and delicious. Also, there are different types of durian and I hear some taste much better than others. However, I was determined to try it no matter what.

When I got home, my dog Woofie wanted to sniff it. He seemed fairly interested in trying it (as he does with most fruits I bring home) so watch his reaction in the video!

Overall, it was an interesting flavor. Even though I did say it tasted like onions and garlic, I am not giving up yet. If anyone knows of a great place to buy fresh durian (and/or Jackfruit too) in the Los Angeles area, please let me know.


  • George Horvath says:

    You didn’t mentioned the unpleasant odor coming from a cut Durian. It is putrid and sickening, It is almost too much to bear, at least it was for me. The taste of the interior pulpy meat, I experienced, was on the sweet, side like a sweet onion that stays with you momentarily and disappears to leave a strange combination of flavors in your mouth mostly of a fruit and onion mixture. I guess one could develop a liking to it.

    • michael says:

      Yeah, I didn’t even think to mention the smell, probably because mine was frozen a little and there wasn’t a horrible odor. Although the flavor was pretty bad, I’d really like to try another one at some point. But fresh.

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