The adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is absolutely correct. Fruit (and vegetables) are king when it comes to eating healthy. Did you know that the water in fruit is the most naturally-purified water you can find on this planet? Did you know that fruits such as apples and oranges help keep you and your body awake better than coffee? Did you know that if you combine certain fruits and vegetables together in a smoothie…you can’t taste the vegetables? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, are you using your knowledge as power? We hope so.

coffee = empty calories The typical American starts their morning off with a cup of coffee. Why? Because they’re looking for a boost in energy. But what happens to this “boost” after a few weeks of consuming coffee each morning? It starts to die down and is less effective as it was from the beginning. Why, might you ask? It’s because our bodies are very smart. They know what goes it and what goes out. But they also know how to change and adapt to our lifestyle. If you’ve ever tried to gain weight (and your physical trainer has told you to eat more protein) but to consume proteins from all different foods, this is because your trainer knows that if you eat the same beef patty or chicken breast every single day, your body will find a faster way to “process it” and will leave you with less nutrients than if you had never eaten any sort of beef or chicken before. So if you’re looking to change your physical appearance, you’ll want to consume all different kinds of foods to keep your body “on its feet” and so it never becomes “used to” what you’re eating (and find a better way to process it).

Let’s look at candy and processed sugar for a minute. Did you know that when you eat a candy bar your body doesn’t absorb as many nutrients as when you eat fruit or vegetables? This is because ALL food corporations that produce processed foods do one thing in particular; they remove all nutrients from corn to create high fructose corn syrup. This is then added to all our “favorite” products such as most: yogurts with fruit, crackers, breads, ketchup and cereals. This is where the term “empty calories” comes from; products with very little nutritional value. Processed foods these days go through many different stages to produce the final product. Just remember, if it comes in a box, it’s probably stripped of most nutrients and will leave you temporarily full and satisfied. The sugars added to these types of food have an extremely low nutritional value.

green apples Fruit, on the other hand, has the type of sugar you DO want. Yes, a whole apple (or any other type of fruit) has a great kind of sugar; the all-natural, un-processed, and fully-nutritional kind. Do you know anyone who consumes a high dosage of fruits and vegetables that IS overweight? Probably not. That’s because our body can absorb (VERY EASILY) most, if not all, of the nutrients found in fruit. Fruit is a great source of energy and guess what…you can eat fruit and never feel a “crash” like you will with energy drinks or coffee. Ever seen the commercials for the 5-Hour Energy Drink? Guess what that’s loaded with? Vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Yes, it’s in an extremely high dosage but the energy you get from this supplement is from plants. We don’t recommend using these types of products. But we do recommend consuming more fruits and vegetables. If we told you that you could have energy ALL DAY LONG (and a TON of other great benefits) just by cutting out meat, dairy, and eggs from your diet and consuming more fruits and vegetables…would you do it? We hope you would. Not only will fruit give you more energy but there are a lot of other great reasons to: it’s cheaper and it’s easier to eat. Eating an orange (from time you pick it up to the time it goes into your body) takes about 5 minutes. By the time you get your keys, go to your car, and drive to the nearest Starbucks, you will have spent well-over 5 minutes. And you still wouldn’t be satisfied.

Here’s a great video about bananas:

In short, eat more fruit. You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and best of all…you’ll save a TON more money each month on food.

Below is a great smoothie you can try that will give you a great boost in energy and will also give you a ton of great nutrients and vitamins.

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