Throughout this website we’ll be using the term “Vegan” to express a lifestyle and diet. If a person is Vegan, this means they’ve either chosen to discontinue their use of animal products as clothing or as food. In other words, if you’ve taken a stand to stop using any types of animal products as clothing or food, you can consider yourself vegan. But for many people, being vegan is associated with diet only. This diet consists of eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Vegans do not eat meat, dairy, eggs, or any other animal-related product. There is still some controversy with honey, since honey does consist of bee-parts ground up within it – and bees are technically animals but since honey contains a ton of nutrients and minerals, we’ll let you decide what you consume. Because after all, shouldn’t eating be able feeling great with lots of energy rather than having to stick to “rules”? We believe food should be consumed with the goal to feel energetic, happy, and healthy and if you’re living a life where you’re “not allowed” to eat something because you’ve sworn you never would again, then you may find yourself quitting that style of eating.

So why should anyone adopt a vegan diet? What are the benefits? We’re glad you asked.

Eating Vegan is a great way to boost your metabolism, lose weight, and simply feel so much better. Many people these days are 30+ pounds overweight. Why? The number 1 reason is diet. Eating is recreational and is done excessively in America. Too many Americans fail to recognize that what they put in their bodies is a source of fuel that should be burned up through exercise and movement throughout the day…but that’s not always the case. Fast food restaurants use manipulation in teaching you that “faster is better” when in reality, food that has been processed to the extreme doesn’t give your body enough nutrients to survive. This is the reason why so many people die at a young age due to heart, colon, stomach, and other health-related problems. For example, eating a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes might look good in a TV commercial but it’s going to raise your blood sugar, make you feel sluggish and tired, and help those cancer cells grow. Animal products are loaded with casein protein, the type of protein that helps cancer growth. Avoid animal products and your chance of getting cancer decreases instantly!

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A vegan eating lifestyle promotes the consumption of more whole foods and plant based foods. Now you’re probably thinking, “Well, I don’t want to eat salads all day. That doesn’t sound fun at all!” The good news is that you don’t have to eat salads for all meals of the day. There are a ton of great vegan food options these days and they’re really easy to make. Some of the non-health benefits related to veganism we’ve found are:

Less Time in the Kitchen
Eating more raw foods such as fruits and vegetables means you’re spending less time preparing your meals. When you eat food in their raw, natural form, your body is absorbing the most amount of nutrients possible.

Save money
Cooking food kills nutrients. When you decrease the amount of barbecuing, oven cooking, and stove grilling you’re doing, you’re decreasing the amount of gas or electricity you’re using, resulting in a lower monthly bill! The first month I ate this way, I saved $80 just from eating more raw foods. If you put that extra $80 a month towards a family vacation, you would have $960 saved by the end of 1 year. Would knowing this help change your diet?

Calculate just how much money you spend eating out each day. Then multiply that by 30. If you eat out for lunch every day, your average total might come to $10. Assuming you only eat out 5 days a week for lunch, that’s a whopping $220 a month just on 1 meal of the day. What if we told you that you could spend that same amount of money but it would feed you all day long for 30 days rather than 22 single meals. The two of us spend approximately $400 a month on food. Would knowing this change your diet?

One of the best reasons to stop eating cooked/processed foods is this:

Fewer Doctor Visits – Less Pills Taken for Pain
When you’re eating the right types of foods, your body will feel better and you won’t need to go to the doctor as often. You will not get sick as frequently. You won’t need to buy excess amount of NyQuil, Tylenol, or any of that other nonsense. You won’t be missing work due to illness. You won’t be sleeping with stuffy noses or have headaches. You will have more energy and be happier.

You may come across vegans that are overweight and malnourished. This is a common issue with many vegans. They eat “non-animal based foods” but still take pain medications and are obese. These types of people, most likely, are consuming more processed foods than raw, living foods. Yes, you could drink 100 ounces of soda every day, eat 5 pounds of french fries with ketchup and be vegan but that’s not what being vegan is all about. This lifestyle is about making changes that will actually help you increase energy, not decrease it! We know this type of change is difficult for many because of all the nonsense information out there.

Did you know that people only need 2.5% – 11% of their daily calories to come from protein?
Did you know that vitamin b12 can be taken as a supplement?
Did you know that you can get PLENTY of fiber on a vegan diet?
Did you know that you can shed pounds quickly (and the right way) eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet?

Now, the above are just a few of the benefits from becoming vegan. Are you interested in trying out this lifestyle and feeling healthier? We hope you are. If you EVER need help with anything, let us know. We would love to help you out!

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