Simply put…spinach is awesome.

Loaded with tons of quality and necessary fiber, spinach helps you get your daily need with just a few cups of it. Just 1 cup equals about 20% of your daily fiber requirements. Because of the high fiber content, eating spinach will help you control your overeating. You will feel more full eating foods that are naturally high in fiber.

Spinach also contains a phytonutrient with cancer-blocking properties called Flavonoids. These flavonoids have been proven to slow down cell division in the stomach and skin. Spinach helps against prostate cancer as well. Spinach is a great antioxidant and is very anti-inflammatory. Spinach will help lower blood sugar because of its Vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese, zinc, beta-carotene, and selenium.



You can add spinach to salads, juices, and smoothies. In our experience, spinach is the kind of food you can add into meals but won’t taste because of its bland flavor. Here’s one of our favorite ways to consume spinach:

Shrek Smoothie
1 Cup Spinach
1 Frozen Banana
1/2 Fuji Apple
1 Cup Green Grapes
1 Cup Pineapple

Blend the ingredients above in your favorite blender. We prefer using a Vitamix because it will shred the spinach up so small that it will instantly absorb into your bloodstream upon consumption.

Another great way to consume spinach is by juicing it. Many people claim that juicing is “horrible” because it extracts the fiber from the juice/nutrients. While this is technically true, consuming juice helps your body get the nutrients it needs. If we were to blend 10 cups of spinach combined with 4 fuji apples, we would be getting approximately 27 grams of fiber. This drink would make about 20 ounces of liquid. Take a look below:

spinach apples blended

But if we were to take the same amount of spinach and apples and consume it as a juice, we would be getting 95% of the same nutrients and you would feel just as full as if you had consumed ALL of the fiber. 3 glasses of this type of juice a day would give you plenty of fiber. And the best part about the fiber from spinach is that it’s natural.

spinach apple juice

(the above totals are approximate)

Fiber is important but most people will not be able to keep up a diet of drinking smoothies like the one above without giving up quickly. Juicing makes things easier and it’s a better way to get MORE nutrients. “You can’t easily eat 15 pounds of fruits and vegetables in a day BUT you CAN drink 15 pounds of fruits and vegetables in a day.”

One of our favorite juices that contains spinach is our Apple Spinach Kale Parsley Broccoli Ginger juice (we haven’t come up with a “memorable” name yet). Find the recipe here. It gives us a boost of awesome energy and it gives us the fiber, protein, and minerals our body is craving first thing in the morning.

If you suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart disease or any other internal physical problem, add more spinach to your diet to reap tons of excellent healing benefits!

How to you like to use spinach?

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