If you’ve ever been craving a delicious and nutritious snack, tangerine juice is one of the best ways to go.

A normal, 8oz glass of tangerine juice is 110 calories. These 110 calories are the good kind of calories. Fresh tangerine juice does not have processed sugar. It is LOADED with vitamins and minerals. It’s not just your typical flavored water drink that you’ll find at the supermarket.

The only ingredient in tangerine juice is, you guessed it, tangerines. So why are we giving so many reasons why tangerine juice is amazing? Simply because there are so many fantastic benefits to drinking juice it in its unprocessed form.

tangerine juice

There are SO many rules and regulations for companies when they attempt to sell a “natural” juice in your local grocery store. In order for these companies to pass these regulations and health codes, they MUST pasteurize the juice which means, they must cook the juice. Now, do you know what happens when you cook any type of food? It loses nutrients. This is the main reason we recommend buying your own juicer and making your own juice; you know where those fruits and vegetables have been and you know there’s nothing added in them. You juice tangerines, you get pure tangerine juice. There are no added chemicals to make the juice stay good for months at a time and there are no ingredients you can’t pronounce. In short, making your own juice is the healthiest way to enjoy a glass of juice.

The best kind of tangerine juice we’ve found is the kind you juice from the comfort of your own home. About 10 normal sized tangerines will produce 1, 12oz glass of juice. Since tangerines contain more natural sugar than oranges or grapefruits, their juice is much sweeter and less acidic. In a glass of 8oz, tangerine juice supplies you with about 75 grams of vitamin C. A diet low in vitamin C could prevent your body’s ability to heal itself. Vitamin C also helps block free radicals resulting in the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

Our good friend Jay Kordich has supplied the world with yet another quality and EASY recipe for tangerine juice. He explains more of the great benefits from juicing fruits and vegetables. Check out the video below:

Now, Jay uses his PowerGrind Pro Juicer to produce this juice. Although this juicer might work for some people, we have heard people have a hard time with it and have had many problems using this juicer.

This is why we recommend buying the Nama Vitality 5800 or Nama J2 juicer. We have been using both for a while and love them because they’re really easy to use and give us 60% more juice!

What is your favorite juice to make?

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